Is The Extinction Of The Post Offices Imminent?

Post offices is something which shares a huge amount of history. In today’s age when people barely make use of the postal services the fee that they charge for parceling the package or the mail is not as high as it was but in the past posting a mail was a luxury work and not every one could afford it because it costed almost a daily wage of the person but with the revolution of the technology and other cheaper and more effective ways of sending and receiving mails and packages the post offices are on the verge of extinction. In Australia, many people are now selling out their post offices business because they can foresee that there is no future of this business anymore in the coming advanced world.

It was not in the hand of the post offices in Newcastle that they did not do the business properly or were not efficient. It is just the market shifted itself away from the physical letters to the digital ones which are more efficient and above all convenient. Over the past years, the post offices knew that they would see this day when there will be no use of these. However, it tried to survive by adding more and more services to them such as the automation of the bill and other kind of applications processing which came under the government.

Although with the shift of the market not only the post office business was affected but many other businesses were affected and it was the reason that they could not cope up with the customer demands of the new age. Not that their services or management was poor but that these services were not needed anymore and they could not have worked to improve something which is no longer required. However, there are some post offices companies which introduced some of those requirements and services which were required by the customers like FedEx and UPS. These are the companies who have introduced smart solutions to many business problems since these companies shifted with the market shift therefore they still have a strong place in the market and they are earning great profits and people are paying them high prices than they would have paid to the ordinary post offices and these prices are fair because these companies are providing the customers much more than a simple classical post office is able to. These companies introduced that the efficiency is not the key but the operationality is the key to success in every business.

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